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CLOVER Amour Crochet hook

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$13.00 CAD


• Made in Japan

•Comfortable easy grip

•Optimal hook shape for smooth crocheting

•Aluminum hook: Sizes 2.25mm to 6mm

•ABS Resin hook: Sizes 6.5mm to 10mm

•Elastomer handle


- B/2.25mm: Green

- C/2.75mm: Yellow

- D/3.25mm: Pink

- E/3.5mm: Red

- F/3.75mm: Orange

- G/4mm: Purple

- 4.5mm: Aqua

- H/5mm: Blue

- I/5.5mm: Green

- 6mm : Brown

- 6.5mm: Neon Green

- 7mm: Neon Yellow

- 8mm : Pink

- 9mm: Fluo

- 10mm: Purple


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CLOVER Amour Crochet Hooks

Top quality hooks Amour Crochet Hooks are incredibly soft and allow the yarn to slide without any effort. Amour handles are in vibrant colors to easily identify sizes. The handle is made of elastomer rubber, allowing you to experience comfortable and stress free crochet.

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