How to easily make a Faux fur Pompom


 - Faux-fur (keep your vacuum near of your working station..when you pass your scissors in that, its worse than a fluffy cat who's loosing his winter coat. -_-)
- Scissors
- A hot glue gun
​-Polyester stuffing 
- A bowl or something round (I took a 15cm diameter bowl, but if you want a bigger pompom, take a 20-25cm one)
- A long strand of yarn (about 2 feet)


- Cut a circle of fur using your bowl
- Take your yarn strand and put it around the inside as on the picture. The beginning and finishing strands should be opposed to each other. Apply the hot glue on the contour avoiding the strands.(Make sure your glue is not on the strands to leave them free to be pulled). Fold the edge of your fur over the strand and wait until the glue is dry. 
- Pull gently on the strands to close the pompom.
- Stuff the interior with the polyester
​-You can now pull firmly on strands to close your pompom and make a double knot.



This pompom will be wonderful on these Crochetmilie's hat patterns!

Emilie :)

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