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Online Crochet Course

Online Crochet Course

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• You will be able to view the course directly on this website, under the “Members area” tab

• All lessons are included and each will be followed by an optional quick project to practice what you have just learned.


For the class:

• Any crochet and yarn

For projects:

• Crochets 4mm & 7mm

• 2 x 50g worsted weight cotton (2 different colors)

• 170g of super bulky yarn

• Scissors

• Yarn needle

• Stitch marker

• Tape measure

Get the HOW TO CROCHET Box which contains all the necessary materials!


Your satisfaction is always my priority. If you need help or are not happy with your purchase, contact me and I will do everything I can to put a smile back on your face!

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    Access the course at any time, directly under the “Members Area” tab of this website


    All lessons are included and each is followed by an optional quick project (Duration: 3h30)


    Right-handed and left-handed versions are available

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This lesson will explain the different types of yarn and hooks and how to choose them.

<p>This lesson will explain the different types of yarn and hooks and how to choose them.</p>

This is the basis of any crochet project.

Project#1:Boho Bracelet

<p>This is the basis of any crochet project.</p><p><strong>Project#1</strong>:Boho Bracelet</p>

The basic stitch for creating tight projects or amigurumis.

Project #2: Mug Rug

<p>The basic stitch for creating tight projects or amigurumis.</p><p><strong>Project #2</strong>: Mug Rug</p>

Practical for adding color or “prints” to your creations.

Project #3: Boho Mug Rug

<p>Practical for adding color or “prints” to your creations. </p><p><strong>Project #3:</strong> Boho Mug Rug</p>

To create all kinds of shapes and model your creations.

Project #4: Cozy Mug

<p>To create all kinds of shapes and model your creations. </p><p><strong>Project #4: </strong>Cozy Mug</p>

The technique for starting a project that will be round (eg: hat, socks).

Projet #5: The scrubbies

<p>The technique for starting a project that will be round (eg: hat, socks).</p><p><strong>Projet #5:</strong> The scrubbies</p>

Handy for creating all kinds of shapes and figurines.

Project #6: The Heart Keychain

<p>Handy for creating all kinds of shapes and figurines.</p><p><strong>Project #6:</strong> The Heart Keychain</p>

A stitch that brings elasticity and texture to your projects

Project #7: Newborn hat

<p>A stitch that brings elasticity and texture to your projects</p><p><strong>Project #7:</strong> Newborn hat</p>

Stretched stitches for quick projects.

Project #8: The Headband

<p>Stretched stitches for quick projects. </p><p><strong>Project #8:</strong> The Headband</p>

Know how to mix stitches to create different textures.

Project #9: The Washcloth

<p>Know how to mix stitches to create different textures.</p><p><strong>Project #9:</strong> The Washcloth</p>

To become independent and comfortable undertaking any crochet project!

<p>To become independent and comfortable undertaking any crochet project!</p>

“Watch this 2-minute video to find out what makes this classunique and motivatingand take the opportunity to meet your crochet teacher!” -Emilie🖤

What they think...

Marjo L


The course offered by Crochetmilie is well done and easy to follow. The instructions are clear. She's a great teacher and the projects are really interesting!



“I am so proud of my 8 year old nephew who taught himself to crochet thanks to my class!” - Me, about Loic, my little left-handed crocheter

Marilyne M.


I succeeded!!!! I can't believe it because that must be 4 different courses that I'm trying to learn. You managed to speak my language and show me how to place my fingers correctly to succeed. Your explanations are really clear. Thank you so much!

Manon S.


Lots of tutorials on YouTube, but where to start? I tried, but I couldn't do it. With this training, you learn one basic stitch after another and do a small project to practice each new stitch well. For me, it was a revelation! I love crochet!!! Thank you Crochetmilie!



The video shots are excellent for clearly visualizing the techniques and the explanations are very clear and easy to understand. A big thank you.

Isabelle M.


I loved this online course. Very well designed, simple and clear, I quickly learned the techniques. With beautiful, simple and fun projects to do, this course is very stimulating and satisfying. Émilie is an excellent teacher. I discovered a new passion, thank you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What materials will I need for the course?

It's simple! For the course, any hook and skein of yarn 🧶. The first video included in the free trial will show you the ideal hook type and yarn to get started with.

However, it is possible to obtain a Starter Kit containing all the materials necessary to create the small projects in the course. I also include high quality hooks 🖤

What is the difference between knitting and crochet?

Knitting uses a pair of long needles to form the loops, moving a set of loops from one needle to the other.

Crochet, as the name suggests, uses a single hook to hang yarn directly on the project. It's this major difference that makes it much easier to work with than knitting (in my humble opinion 😁).

In addition, knitting can be done by machine, but it is impossible to reproduce the crochet technique mechanically 🤩

Is crocheting an expensive hobby?

Certainly not!

With the cost of living increasing, crochet has an excellent time/quality vs. price ratio!

With a crochet hook and a ball of yarn (which can be purchased at the dollar store for those on a very tight budget), you will have hours of relaxation and fun ahead of you 😄

I have no craft skills 😩 Is this course for me?

You will see, no need to have talent to be able to crochet. And I'm sure you'll be surprised by your abilities!

Personally, I am not a meticulous person in my daily life and I have never had enough patience for knitting and sewing 😅. What I love about crochet is that you don't have to be so meticulous. Mistakes don't seem that much and they are so easy to fix when you notice them!

Why not try? 🤗

Will I need additional training to crochet what I want after the course?

My online course is designed to make you 100% independent in the world of crochet 😎

There are so many interesting designs to discover on the web and you will have the confidence to take on any project of your choice.

Is the online course as effective as a face-to-face course?

The advantage of the online course is that you can follow it from the comfortof your favorite couch and at the time you want.

In addition, with the clear and close shots, you will see the movements and crochet stitches very well. Options to put the video in slow motion or to go back a few seconds will be very useful if necessary.

And if you have a question or would like my opinion on your work in progress, just click on the little chat bubble at the bottom of the page to contact me 😊

Will I have access to the course at all times?

Of course!

As long as the internet exists, you will have access to my crochet lesson indefinitely (If not, we will find a way 😄)

If you encounter a problem with your access to the course, do not hesitate to contact me!

I am the course right for me?

Absolutely! A completely left-handed version is included in the course 🤗

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Customer Reviews

Based on 149 reviews
Mario Rouette
Bien commencer la partie...

Salut! Je suis en train de suivre ce cours (2 premiers devoirs de réalisés) et c'est franchement bien, je veux dire, l'angle de la caméra, le ton de voix, les explications... C'est bien YouTube mais c'est encore mieux de se procurer un bon cours plus personnalisé et surtout adapté (avec un début, un milieu, une fin), une progression, un suivi et des devoirs!. Merci :)

Très satisfaite.

Les prises de vues des vidéos sont excellentes pour bien visualiser les techniques et les explications sont très claire et facile à comprendre. Un gros merci.

Manon Savard
Super formation!

Beaucoup de tutos sur YouTube, mais par où commencer? J’avais bien essayé, mais je n’y arrivais pas. Avec cette formation, on apprend un point de base après l'autre et on fait un petit projet pour bien pratiquer chaque nouveau point. Pour moi, ça a été une révélation! J’adore crocheter!!! Merci Crochetmilie!

Stéphanie Savard-Fortin
Cours de crochet

J’adore les cours! Je crochetais depuis un bout mais j’avais appris avec des vidéos par-ci par-là mais apprendre les vrais techniques et en plus avoir de petits projets à réaliser c’est vraiment génial !! ❤️
Je le recommande!


Formation simple et rapide pour effectuer nos petits projets rapidement. Service après-vente superbe , Émilie est gentille et à l’écoute un plaisir d’avoir pu discuter avec elle à la suite de mon achat ☺️